OTW Food Street Meruya

Back to my hometown, we tried this new street food dining place in the West of Jakarta. They served the street foods of Jakarta: martabak telur (savoury pancake with egg and green onion filling in the middle) but with a twist, which was mozzarella cheese on top of it. It’s like heaven, but ruined your diet instantly.

Their nasi goreng (stir fry rice) was okay, but their bakmi goreng sambal matah, stir fry spinach noodle with sambal matah, balinese local sambal, was real kick. The onion and chilli were complimenting the noodle real good.

OTW Food Street Meruya – Jalan Meruya Ilir Raya No.38b, RT.1/RW.7, Srengseng, Kembangan, RT.1/RW.7, Srengseng, Kembangan, West Jakarta City, Jakarta 11630

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